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Japan HAIDOKU Constipation Medicine 50pills

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Code : 6325007
Quantity : 50 pills

Weight : 50 gram

Origin : Japan


Functions :
Can relieve headaches, dizziness, cure dry skin, acne, loss of appetite (anorexia), abdominal swelling and intestinal abnormalities, hemorrhoids.


Description :

- Constipation makes the original flat belly prominent over time waist and stomach become larger, graceful slim body becomes longer because of the protrusion of the lower abdomen.

- Over time pale yellow spots increases, it is because the body of waste and toxins can not be excreted.


Japan HAIDOKU can solve these problems for you, let you recover slim body, restore your beautiful face.

Long time using, more effective in improving dull skin problems, prevent spot and acne.


The constipation medicine with no side effects, no dependence.


Usage :

- Over 15 years old, 1 time 2-3 pills.

- Over 11 years old, 1 time 1-2 pills.

- Below 11 years old, please do not take.

- Use before bedtime.


Cautions :

1. This is an intestines solvent, so do not crumble it during intake, swallow it with warm water.

2. Below 11 years old, please do not take.

3. Pregnant please do not take.

4. Over 65 years old, please do not take.

5. Have any drug allergies, please do not take.

6. Using any other medical treatment, please do not take, or consult your doctor before using.



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Japan HAIDOKU Constipation Medicine 50pills

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