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Australia 2N Firming Shaping V Mask 7pcs Free Slim Belt

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Code : 1310020

Quantity : 7pcs 2N Firming Shaping V Mask , 1pc Slim Belt 

Weight : 260 gram

Origin : Australia



2N Extra V-Line Lift Up is a easy treating home care product which gives you a smooth and clear face line when you use this product repeatedly and steadily.

Those 3 functions interaction complexly so that they supply nutritions and moisture to your skin.

You certainly will be able to have moist and healthy skin as well as smooth and clear face line.

You can achieve the desired effect by 3-4 times a week.  


Functions :

1. Slimming

- Accelerates metabolism and boosts lymphatic system.

- Helps to lose chin fat.  


2. Lifting

- Helps to lose chin fat.

- Reshapes the facial contours & delivers long-term firming results.  


3. Moisturizing

- Gives immediate relief to dry & dehydrated skin.

- Defenses against the visible sign of aging, such as fine lines & wrinkles.  


How long times can see result :

1 day - Absorbs firming essence effectively, recude chin fat instantly.

7 days - Stimulates skin connective tissues, defenses against any rebound.

14 days - Lifts up facial contours, improves skin activeness and firmness.

30 days - Gets rid of chubby chin, achieves an ideal V-shaped face.  


Directions :

1. Thoroughly cleanse & dry face.

2. Take out and unfold the V-Line sheet and apply it on your chin.

3. Hang the neoprene product on your face, feeling strain on your jaw and cheek.

4. Remove the product after resting for 30-40 minutes, and deal with the extract remained.  



Australia 2N Firming Shaping V Mask 7pcs Free Slim Belt

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