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Thai DC Export Mask 125g

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Code : 2134311

Quantity : 1 (125g)

Weight : 190 gram



Cleaning and lubricating the skin whitening. 

Thighten skin pores, say bye-bye to blackhead!!! 

Deeply cleansing and moisturizing your skin, remove dirty & blackhead. 

99% Anti-inflammatory, only one hour can clean out skin TOXIN. 

Make your skin more smooth and whitening.    


Usage : 

- Take some mask and apply on face. 

- After half an hour, remove the mask using spoon in box. 

- If cant clean all the mask using spoon, can use tissue paper to clean. 

- After cleansing the mask, wash face with clean water.



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Shiseido 24K Bird Nest Mask

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Thai DC Export Mask 125g
Thai DC Export Mask 125g
Thai DC Export Mask 125g

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