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Golden Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

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Code : 02351701

Quantity : 1

Weight : 100 gram



- Tranquilize the skin achieve various function in one step. 

- Cool / Warm dual application facial mask for complexion maintenance. 

- Provide sufficient moisture to your Skin. 

- Keep the moisture and freshness to the skin for 24 hours. 

- Moisturizes, repair and whitens the skin.     


The crystal derma-emulated mask is effective in absorption and releasing nutrition instantly to catalyze the metabolism of skin cell and help maintain moisture balance. 

It is also used to inflammation, help remove acne and soften, whiten the skin.  


Can be used on any kind of skin. 

Especially good for yellow, dried, aging, frosted and ultraviolet damaged skin.     


How to Use : 

- Soak the mask in the water below 50°C for 3~5 seconds, then open the package and apply the mask on the face. 

- The mask must have complete contact with skin. 

- Remove the mask after at least 30 minutes until the essence is absorbed completely by the skin. 

- The mask can be used for a cooling purpose after skin surgery. 

- It can smooth rubefaction, dry, itch, desquamate skin, and help recover the wound. 

- Highly recommended for daily use to gain long term moisturizing.



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Golden Collagen Crystal Facial Mask
Golden Collagen Crystal Facial Mask
Golden Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

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