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Marie Beauty Fake Eyelash Glue 12ml

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Code : 21014303

Quantity : 1 (12ml)

Weight : 50 gram



Colour :

- White Glue (Will transaprent after it dry)

- Black Glue (Suitable for charming make-up eyeliner)    


Marie Beauty eye cream series make your eyes impressive and lovely and bring you double eyelids in short time, easy to use, without any pain, only natural beauty.    


How to use to do double eyelid : 

1. Clean your eye skin and keep dry before making up 

2. Draw appropriate amount gel on your eyelid where you want 

3. Wait for a few seconds, and then open your eyes. Use "Y" stick to massage gently, and the crease is the inital double eyelids. 

4. Then draw up eyelid at canthus. Draw "Y" stick outwards to gain doble eyelids. You may try once or twice. You can practice for 3 to 4 times to make it perfect. 

5. If you want to remove the lines, you may use cotton stick dipped with de-makeup agent to wipe your eyelid.    


How to use with fake eyelash : 

- Paste the appropriate amount gel on both sides of artificial eyelashes and rest the artificial eyelashes along the root of the true. 

- Pressfor 10 seconds with finger so that they mix completely.



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Marie Beauty Fake Eyelash Glue 12ml
Marie Beauty Fake Eyelash Glue 12ml
Marie Beauty Fake Eyelash Glue 12ml

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