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Variable Y Eyelash Serum 5ml

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Code : 10321402

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Weight : 50 gram



Variable Y Eyelash Growth Serum 100% genuine.    


- This eyelash growth tonic is 5ml, and it can use about a month. 

- According to the growth situation, different people may have different effective. 

- Basically on most people, you can see the effective of eyelash growth in 5-15 days.    


- Just need to brush the eyelash, every eyelash should been brushed. 

- Do not need to brush to the roots of eyelashes! 

- If the serum is into your eye, it will be painful, and you should wash your eye with water at once! 

- Never use the serum on somewhere you don't need to.    


- Do not worry, president of the fat particles, grease and more, our product is based with olive oil which can be absorbed by the body! 

- There is no possibility of long fat. 

- When you use Variable Y growth tonic, you should insist use the tonic two times a day, one time in morning, the other time in the evening.    


Do you face these problems?? 

- I have short eyelashes and hard to be seen even though applied mascara. 

- I could not use the eyelash curler! 

- I have lesser and unhealthy eyelashes after sick / give birth. 

- Short eyelashes make my eyes look small and no expression. 

- I have to put on fake eyelashes almost everyday. 

- I am not confident with short eyelashes. 

- Lashes plant surgery is expensive and painful. 

- I have very light eyebrows.    


Let's see how VARIABLE Y can help you! 

-- Lengthen your eyelashes. 

-- Enrichen your eyelashes. 

-- Thicken your eyelashes. 

-- Can be applied on eyebrows too!    


Is it safe to use?? 

- Yes! VARIABLE Y is made of natural ingredients. 

- The main ingredient is Olive Oil, which is easy to be absorbed and no harms to human skin. 

- No side effect at all!       



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Variable Y Eyelash Serum 5ml

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