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Korea Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide

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Code : WA00002133

Quantity : 1

Weight : 20 gram



Highlights : 

- Comes complete with three different easy-to-use eyebrow stencils. 

- The material is comfortable when pressed against skin. 

- Choose the eyebrow style that suits you the most. 

- Great way to achieve two perfectly-matching eyebrows.  


How to Use : 

- Neatly organise eyebrow hair with eyebrow brush. 

- Choose [Drawing Guide] to use according to desired style. 

- Align dotted line with natural start and end points of eyebrows and press onto face by placing thumb and index finger onto [Drawing Guide]'s heart shapes. 

- Re-align [Drawing Guide] to eyebrow ends and fill in remaining eyebrow. 

- Repeat steps for other eyebrow.



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Korea Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide

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