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②Nose Up Clipper

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Code : 0058240

Quantity : 1

Weight : 20 gram

Size : 2.7 x 4 x 1.1cm



- Refines the shape of nose without going for surgery or medication. 

- Use to sharpen your nose. 

- No side effects, can be arbitrary use at home,no pain. 

- You can breathe normally and it's not painful. 

- The first complex most Korean / Japan women has is about their noses. This is common to Oriental women. However, there are few alternative inventions for their flat noses other than a cosmetic surgery. The fundamental cause of nose increased device is women who try to overcome their nose complex and don't want to get a cosmetic surgery.     


Instruction : 

- Use for about 20 mins a day. 

- Do not use it for more than an hour straight.     


Warning : 

- Not suitable for under 12 years old. 

- Do not use for other purpose. 

- Keep out reach of children. 

- Do not apply on broken skin. 

- If any discomfort is experienced, please stop using it.       



Nose Extractor Pore Cleanser

Nose Extractor Pore Cleanser

Shop price:RM2.50
②Nose Up Clipper

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