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Deep Cleansing Ultra-Soft Facial Brush

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Code : 0265146

Quantity : 1

Weight : 80 gram



Product benefits : 

Dense hair silky soft, no harm to the skin, mild facial massage, deep clean pores, effectively prevent blackheads generation, so that the pores refreshing clean, enhance the absorption of subsequent products, so wash your face into a daily pleasure.    


Highlights : 

- Deep cleansing, 100% natural, skin friendly.

- Contains 350,000pcs ultra-soft brush.

- Very soft touch feeling. 

- Effective remove dirty in skin pore. 

- Make your skin feeling fresh and smooth.    


Facial brush use : 

1. 1st cleansing brush soaked in water. 

2. Squeeze a small amount of cleanser in the bristles. 

3. In the palm of your hand on a circular motion until the bubble. 

4. For circular motion and then brush on the face cleansing facial. 

5. Wash the brush with water.

6. Hanging in the brush dry naturally ventilated place.    



Washed 1st with water after use clean, into cool air, remember exposure, do not put damp places, so easy to breed bacteria.



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Deep Cleansing Ultra-Soft Facial Brush

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