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Moisture Mold Seams Protective Tape 3.2 meter

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Code : CH00223130

Quantity : 1 (3.2meter)

Weight : 250 gram

Name : Kitchen waterproof mildew tape

Material : PVC

Size : volume 3.2 meter , 3.8cm width

Packing : OPP bags



Whether you are experiencing these problems? 

Sink crevice dirty black!

Stains over time will leak into the silica gel, the cause darkening or mold, mildew waterproof tape affixed to the seams in good countertop sink, moisture mold.


Kitchen mildew waterproof tape affixed to the corner line Waterproof material production, waterproof, mildew excellent results posted in the sink and countertop seams and easy to scrub , but also used in the stove and countertops seams , etc.


With the "it" brand new home environment exists!

Do not worry about the gap at the black mold, and feel clean.


It can use a wide range of kitchen and slit.

Slit seal pan kitchen gas stove, sink, bathroom sink, bathtub edge and the wall Nissim and walls and between the walls, able to use.


Instructions :

1. Gently tear-off portion Stickers.

2. the adhesive layer stick tight seams, then pressed several times.

3. Then you can trim the excess tape.


Note :

Before using will be pasted at planing smooth, clean and dry with a hair dryer, and then use the product waterproof PVC material, waterproof, mildew, thick and durable.


Linear design, the middle of the crease can be tortuous 90 degree angle.

Sticky gum -type design, solid paste, easy to use.



Moisture Mold Seams Protective Tape 3.2 meter

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