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Hair Removal Wax 230g

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Code : WA00212010

Quantity : 1 (230g)

Weight : 300 gram



Precautions :       

- Wax coating must be very thin, otherwise difficult to shed. We need to completely dry skin.    

- Can not be used in the wound, breakage, for the effective hair removal, hair must be long to the proper length.


This product has the following outstanding advantages :  

1. to prevent sensitive skin.  

2. when the use of pain is very small, and some even feel no pain JM.  

3. about two months or so before they grow new hair, and out of the new long hair, thin and soft.  

4. hair removal and can get rid of dead skin, so there is exhausted after the skin feel soft white effect .


Unsuitable for :  

1. diabetics

2. scurvy patients (capillaries emerge)

3. skin diseases

4. The skin is thin

5. suffering from varicose veins up

6. acne lesion

7. the wound

8. Dry Skin


After Hair Removal :

1. Containing spices or alcohol content of cleanser or lotion within 12 hours.

2. Swimming or do strenuous (causing perspiration more) movement within 48 hours.

3. Rinse with hot water at over 24 hours had shed.

4. Mask (off the face, lip hair after) of 24 hours.

5. Baked sauna within 72 hours, wearing tights or stockings.



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Hair Removal Wax 230g

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