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IRENA I High-end Smart Bluetooth Vibrations Egg


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Code : ST62000000

Quantity : 1

Weight : 500 gram



Before shipping all sex toys have tested before delivery. 

All sex toys portion of retirement does not change, because they belong to a very personal supplies. 

Please understand.


My melody, I call the shots?

Sex toys in the development process, there is a problem that has plagued consumers : the physiological needs of each woman is different, the required vibration frequency also not the same, but by design engineers in the lab vibration mode, anyway changing patterns, often difficult to fully meet the individual needs of consumers. Own happiness, you really can not be controlled by yourself?


Any curve drawn on the screen, IRENA I will instantly convert it into the corresponding vibration frequency, from every female friend can easily have only their own " private vibration frequency " easy to use.


Smart mode 1 :Custom

Any wavelength shape you created / vibration frequency, can easily retain or remove, a bold attempt, will find a real part of your passion melody.


Smart mode 2 : Touch

Move your finger on the target, IRENA I accordingly dancing in your body . Bull's-eye position can bring the most "HIGH" experience!


Smart mode 3 : Voice

Listening to music, watching movies, phone calls, and even sweet words of love will become the driving force IRENA I dance, try what song will become your favorite? ...


Smart Mode 4 : Shake

Random shake the phone or change the angle of IRENA I placed the phone 's vibration will also change, with IREANA I, either alone or tender moments of time, always full of fun and excitement!


100% body safe silicone

Warm silky skin like a baby who create the safest soft touch.


100% waterproof

Bathrooms can be assured with the use of more clean, so you can enjoy like fish in the water!


Ultra-quiet :

Alloy semi hammer silent motor, brought from the most intense to the most subtle shock but no noisy sound.

And General Motors, compared to better meet the needs of various characters deep, leading to your heart 's deepest desire.


Name : IRENA I

Material : body safe silicone

Size : 16 x 36 x 3.3 (cm)

10 kinds of vibration modes + custom

Waterproof : Fully waterproof design

Battery : 3.7V 320mAh

Charging time : 3 hours fully compatible : compatible one hour and a half

Maximum time : 14 hours




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IRENA I High-end Smart Bluetooth Vibrations Egg

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