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Sex body lubricants 60ml

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Code : ST00100606

Quantity : 1 (60ml)

Weight : 100 gram

Products : massage fluid series products



The most unique massage oil , unique aroma can stimulate lust ! Make your love more intense ! And can be painted body massage can also vaginal, oral sex, anal sex, use a lot!


Sex lubrication :

Its partner private office can better promote sex appeal, raise Erbinsimo, hearty passion pleasure.


Coated body massage :

With the massage oil on any part of the body's own or partner rub kiss, caress deeply moved, you can enjoy the intimacy of passion game.


Appliance lubrication :

Use appliance or a small line and line and when we must remember to use lubrication, one can better access, the other also will not hurt yourself.


Four color lubrication series :

Make you feel refreshed and comfortable.

Very high similarity lubricating fluid and Aiye, colorless and odorless, so love closer to the skin.


Green : Aloe essence love alone

Formulations containing aloe relax , skin glowing , texture, easy to clean pH balanced water-soluble , non-sticky , does not leave marks.


Pink : Love alone nourish vitality

Gentle smooth, silky texture, soothing dry discomfort, massage lubricate the dual function of the raw pleasure for you to add.


Purple : The long lasting love

Formulations containing vitamin E, especially water retention factor adding more long-term than other lubrication products lubrication time on the skin more care.


Black : Love alone herbal formula

Formulations containing herbal extracts ingredients that can effectively repair damaged vaginal mucosa, relieve vaginal aging. Women are more suitable for the use of skin allergies.





SM Eyes Cover * Black Color

SM Eyes Cover * Black Color

Shop price:RM11.90
Sex body lubricants 60ml

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