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Leten Piston X-9 Generation-3 Automatic Aircraft Cup

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Code : ST45220000

Quantity : 1

Weight : 1.1 kilogram

Size : 68 x 68 x 287mm



Before shipping all sex toys have tested before delivery. 

All sex toys portion of retirement does not change, because they belong to a very personal supplies. 

Please understand.


The fastest, 380 times per minute!

100 % fully automatic!


Piston speed : 10 frequency mode can be adjusted, five kinds of speed five kinds of frequency mode.


For the crowd :

1. Sex outstanding male high quality requirements.

2. Ordinary manual and low vibration aircraft Cup experience on tired and bored of the outstanding men.


Charging design :

- No longer need to worry about the battery, you can use a computer, laptop or mobile phone charging plug to charge.

- Give you a more intimate convenient, stylish black and white + metal ring appearance looks full of atmosphere.

- In our hands even more enjoyable to use. 

- 180 degrees sucker handsfree device can be hands free, strong adsorption. Various shapes to any angle you cool!


Easy to clean.

Split design, cleaning more convenient.

Cup body and colloidal split design, disassembly is simple, easy to operate more thorough cleaning.



Crystal Physiotherapy Ring

Crystal Physiotherapy Ring

Shop price:RM3.80
Leten Piston X-9 Generation-3 Automatic Aircraft Cup
Leten Piston X-9 Generation-3 Automatic Aircraft Cup

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