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YOUCUPS Multi-frequency Vibration Port Burst Cup

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Code : ST32020000

Quantity : 1

Weight : 500 gram

Size : inner 6.5 x 5.0cm , outer 18 x 7.8cm

Material Safety : Medical silicone inner ring 



Before shipping all sex toys have tested before delivery. 

All sex toys portion of retirement does not change, because they belong to a very personal supplies. 

Please understand.


12 kinds of vibration frequency

- One Click (low)

- Double click (medium)

- Three click (Fast)


Up to 12 kinds of vibration frequency, 12 kinds of different experiences.

There is always one is your favorite.


Imported motor, platinum product

It will never betray you, really belongs to you one of those things, is the most thorough clean refuse sexually transmitted diseases.


- Built-in lithium battery , USB interface can be charged.

- Avant-garde , the protection of privacy, not awkward.

- Up to twelve kinds of vibration frequency.

- Charging a non-stop for more than two hours shaking Quality.

- CE , RoHS environmental factor authentication.



USB interface, easy to charge

Magnetic Charging USB interface for easy charging, Platinum high- quality environmentally-friendly motor, CE quality standards, RoHS environmental certification, 8800 high speed vibration, low noise, long life.


Easy to clean " reusable "
Product can be used repeatedly, easy disassembly, easy to clean.

Direct cup mouth washed with water cleaning, do not touch the water at the switch in order to avoid unnecessary losses.




Crystal Physiotherapy Ring

Crystal Physiotherapy Ring

Shop price:RM3.80
YOUCUPS Multi-frequency Vibration Port Burst Cup

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