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G Type Thorn tide Blow Finger * Purple Color

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Code : ST00330100

Quantity : 1

Weight : 200 gram

Material Safety : Medical TPR soft silicone

Battery : 1 x AA battery (no include)


Before shipping all sex toys have tested before delivery. 

All sex toys portion of retirement does not change, because they belong to a very personal supplies. 

Please understand.


- Soft caps can be removed.

- Easy to clean.

- Before and after use, can be soft head taking out vibrator-free cleaning process, you can direct the cleaning caps, super convenient!


Usage :

1. The battery cover is rotated to a white arrow aligned 'OPEN' to open.

2. Add a AA batteries installed battery cathode. (battery positive outwardly)

3 . Rotating the cover, so that the white arrow aligned 'ON',



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G Type Thorn tide Blow Finger * Purple Color

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