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10 Touch Rechargeable Beat Frequency Vibration Rod

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Code : ST1021020000

Quantity : 1

Weight : 1.0 kilogram

Size : 21.4 x 4cm

Materials : Silicone wrapped + ABS bright silver trim ring

Features : Magnetic Charging + silicone wrap, tapping function + touch function + strong power



Before shipping all sex toys have tested before delivery. 

All sex toys portion of retirement does not change, because they belong to a very personal supplies. 

Please understand.


- 10 kinds of vibration frequency.

- Ultra-quiet.

- 100% Waterproof.

- Operation hours up to 90 minute.


Button use :
1. Press B button for 2 seconds to boot into the manual mode of the first gear, followed by the 2-10, 1-3 gear shift increments, 4-10 for the infinitely variable.


2. In manual mode enter pat Tap C mode, providing continuous tapping function.


3. In tapping mode continue pressing the C key to enter touch mode, providing 10 stalls in touch mode, the 1-3 shift increments, 4-10 file for the infinitely variable.


4. In the pat or touch mode switch change manual mode, tap the B button.


5. In all operating modes Tap B two seconds to shut down.




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10 Touch Rechargeable Beat Frequency Vibration Rod

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