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Old Ginger King Conditioner 800ml

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Code : SC10206260

Quantity : 1 (800ml)

Weight : 1.1 kilogram



Old Ginger King Treatmant is extracted from pure plant Alpinia essence, ginger oil and the deployment of curcumin, the formula by adding more collagen and rich nutrients necessary for hair growth.


Can promote the growth of hair fiber cells deep repair damaged hair cuticle, you can lock the nutrition and water.


Prevent hair loss, eliminate dandruff, prevent head itch, make the hair shine. After using the hair is not astringent, not oil, supple and easy to comb, refreshing, eliminate fatigue.


Usage :

Wash hair blowing to 7 percent dry, take the appropriate smear on hair, steam heating 15 - 20 minutes, cooled, washed with water to dry.


Main ingredients :

Alpinia extract, lanolin, glycerin, lecithin, moisturizing factor, effects antidandruff factor OCT, cationic protein and other dozens of natural organic matter.


Note :

If you accidentally gets in the eyes, rinse with plenty of water. (Save for a long time, because ginger oil and ginger butter products will fade into a milky yellow, with better results)


Save method : Keep in a cool place.




 Old Ginger King Conditioner 800ml

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