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Selfie Stick Remote Shutter - Android / iPhone Compatible - Phone Holder Doubles as Stand * Pink

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Code : HP00320000

Quantity : 1

Weight : 180 gram

Color : Random



- Allows you to take selfies without any assistance.

- Extends to just over 1m / 3.3ft, making it easy to fit your friends into the photo.

- Securely holds phones measuring (55-84mm) wide (e.g., iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, etc.)

- The phone holder doubles as a stand, use it while showing your photos / videos to others. (or while reading)

- Take great travel shots of yourself and your family/friends without having to give your smartphone to complete strangers.

- Whether your travelling alone or with friends (or even family), you'll often want to be in the photos you take. It's a sort of "we were here" memento that captures the memories of the occasion, so that you can relive and share them later.

- Being in the shot yourself poses a problem. Is there someone around who would be kind enough to take it for you? Do you really want to bother someone else with your request? Can you really trust that stranger with your precious smartphone? What if he drops it?


Suitable for phone :

- iPhone :

Apple phone connected , you can use , iphone ios501 above, without having to download software directly into the phone line audio port . You can use the built-in camera can also use a third-party camera APP!


- Mi Series :

Mi 4, Mi 3, Mi 2, Mi 2S, Red Mi, Red Mi note, Android system 4.3 and above, under the conditions provided in the original phone camera shutter or volume keys to take pictures, if not, install Camer360 and set the volume for the shutter button, if not, please re-enter the headset settings set the volume keys to increase or decrease the volume, rather than up and down the songs.


- Samsung mobile phones :

Android system in more than 4.22 only need to set the volume keys and the built-in camera for taking pictures APP key. You can also use a third-party camera APP, Android system 4.3 or less need to download and install 360 camera, or set a volume key for the camera button.


- Other Android phones :

Because many phone models available in the market, can go on the test can not guarantee that each system shall apply in Android 4.4 and above only need to set the built-in camera APP volume keys for the camera key. (Turn on the camera - by setting - the volume key functions - video camera or shutter).


Note :

Andrews phone system kernel is not the same as many of the above methods for reference does not guarantee that you can use.





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Selfie Stick Remote Shutter - Android / iPhone Compatible - Phone Holder Doubles as Stand * Pink

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