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Ginger Garlic Twist Grinder

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Code : 01250086

Quantity : 1

Weight : 100 gram

Size : 8 x 4cm

Material : ABS



Features : 

- The kitchen is a good helper, garlic twist box, garlic puree. (one piece) 

- To rub out the garlic not only delicate taste, is greatly save time. 

- Environmental protection and health, bring you healthy and clean living security.


Usage :

1. With the box hit the end of the song peeled garlic.
2. The Garlic into the box.
3. Starting rotation.
4. Into the foam to cross two teeth after the rotation angle of 45 degrees.
5. To use aside garlic foam.
6. Washed with water.



Decanter Pourer (4pcs)

Decanter Pourer (4pcs)

Shop price:RM5.20
Ginger Garlic Twist Grinder

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