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3CE 3 Concept Eyes Volume & Long Lash Mascara 12g

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Code : MK00215400

Quantity : 1 (12g)

Weight : 40 gram



- With 3mm long hyper-max fiber booster built in, every single lash will become longer.

- Radiating Length Holding Polymer holds micro fibers, giving long-lasting sharp and clear look.

- Giving you the full volume and effective curling effect.

- Multi-proof technology effectively prevents dusting and smudging beneath the eye and gives strong resistance to sebum and water.

- Soft setting polymer wraps around the lashes softly without sticking, giving you the full volume with neat appearance. Then Hard setting polymer strongly fixes those lashes, keeping the first fresh look to last longer without clogging.



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3CE 3 Concept Eyes Volume & Long Lash Mascara 12g

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