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Multi-function Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors

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Code : CH00005300

Quantity : 1

Weight : 120 gram

Size : Length 20.1cm



- Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears.

- 3 In 1 Kitchen Scissors Bottle Opener.

- Multipurpose Kitchen stainless steel scissors

- Stainless steel harden blade Cutting smoothly Cold drink opener at front Bottle seal opener at middle Nut Cracker

- Enjoy the ease of cutting up pizza or deboning chicken without the worry of cutting yourself on a sharp knife.

- Cutting up lettuce, parsley or even celery can be quick and clean.

- Better yet, have a pair of scissors handy in the kitchen when you need to cut open one of those sealed bags of frozen vegetables.

- It also has a nut cracker and a bottle or jar opener. These stainless steel shears are dishwasher safe.

- Like other Frugl products, these professional style kitchen shears are made of the highest quality materials for the money which will insure a long life and use in the kitchen for years.

- The shears feature a bottle opener in the blade, nut cracker in the handle, stainless steel semi serrated blades, and heavy duty handles.



Multi-function Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors

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